Bad News for Outlaws

Vaunda Micheaux Nelson

About Bad News for Outlaws:

The story of Bass Reeves is the story of a remarkable African American and a remarkable hero of the Old West.

Sitting tall in the saddle, with a wide-brimmed black hat and twin Colt pistols on his belt, Bass Reeves seemed bigger than life. Outlaws feared him. Law-abiding citizens respected him. As a peace officer, he was cunning and fearless. When a lawbreaker heard Bass Reeves had his warrant, he knew it was the end of the trail because Bass Reeves always got his man—dead or alive. He achieved all this in spite of whites who didn't approve of the notion of a black lawman.

Discussion Questions:

1. Can you name some of the western words and phrases used in Bad News for Outlaws? What do you think these
phrases added to the story? Are there any phrases that people use today that people in the Old West would have
found unusual or odd?

2. Bass Reeves used many clever plans to capture criminals. Can you think of any other tricks he might have pulled to
catch outlaws?

3. How did disguises and tricks help Bass Reeves better perform his duties? Was it right of him to lie to these people?
Why or why not?

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