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Rules of Entry

All English-language titles, North American or International may be submitted as long as the books are available to the general public. (i.e., retail outlets, catalog, Amazon or manufacturer websites) Non-English language books may only be submitted to the "International - Foreign Language Title" category.

Self-published and small press titles are permitted as long as they meet these guidelines.

Books may be submitted by the publisher, author, illustrator, publicist, or anyone else working with the title. The entry fee is $90 per category.

All items submitted for review must be of a family-friendly nature, and suitable for general audiences. The Gelett Burgess Center reserves the right to refuse any entry.

Books must have a copyright date of 2013, 2014, or 2015 to be considered for entry.











Rules of Entry Benefits List of Categories Enter Now

Benefits of the Award

The award provides a guarantee for parents, educators and librarians that the book meets a high level of standards, and is deemed appropriate for children and families.

Gold medals will be awarded in each category, as well as 24 gold foil seals. Each winning title will also receive an electronic kit containing an official award letter, supplemental marketing material including press release templates, marketing copy and sample social media posts.

Book awards are an essential piece in the book marketing puzzle, allowing authors and publishers an advantage in promoting their titles. Award-winning books most often win other awards, and lend themselves to publicity more readily. Award-winning books are often displayed face-out, and generally attract more attention, faster.

The Gelett Burgess Center offers support in terms of providing press release templates, press photos of the awards, and background information on the Gelett Burgess Center. All honorees will be listed permanently on the Center website indicating their win.

Questions or more information?

Contact Nicholas Beatty, Executive Director











Rules of Entry Benefits List of Categories Enter Now

Award Categories

 Body, Mind and Spirit
 Character & Life Lessons
 Cookbooks and Food
 Family Dynamics
 Growing Up
 Health and Fitness
 Healthy Living
 Helping Others & Philanthropy
 Life Skills
 Motivation and Inspiration
 Social Skills

Arts and Letters
 Bedtime Stories
 Picture Storybook - Preschool
 Picture Storybook - Ages 4-8
 Picture Storybook - All Ages
 Picture Storybook and CD Compilation (audiobook)
 Best Illustrations (Fiction and Non-Fiction)
 Best Writing (Fiction and Non-Fiction)
 First Published Work
 Juvenile Fiction - Early Reader/Chapter
 Young Adult Fiction
 Fables, Folklore and Fairytales
 Heroes (Exploration, Adventures, Mythic Figures)
 The Arts (Theatre, Dance, Music, Visual Arts)

Society and Culture
 Helping Others & Philanthropy
 International - Foreign Language Title
 New Age and Metaphysical
 Religion and Spirituality
 Seasons and Holidays
 Social Skills
 Sports and Hobbies

 Nature and Wildlife
 Pets and Animals
 Plant and Life Science
 General Science
 Early Education (Counting, Letters, etc)
 Government and Politics
 History (US)
 History (World)
 Activity Books

 Children's Fiction
 Children's Non-fiction